Christmas 2015: Star Trip!

Starting Sunday, November 29th, Kids’ Church will journey to a land long ago and far away. When our Lord Jesus was born, a new star appeared in the sky. Wise men from the East knew it signaled the birth of a king and they traveled far to see Him. What might it...

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Even though we’re not together today, we can still worship God in solidarity. Here are some things you can do (whether you’re home alone, or with family or roommates) to worship God during the blizzard, and stay in touch with our series about being the Body of Christ. 1. Read...

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Spiritual Gifts

body of Christ featured image

It’s amazing to me that God would choose to do it this way, but He chose to reach this world with the good news about Jesus by shaping believers into the “body” of Christ. This way, whenever people encounter the Church, and of particular concern to me, our church, they...

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Freedom Hill Community Church

Names are like buckets, you pick them for what they can carry. For the last thirty years we’ve had a great name, North Shore Assembly of God. We picked up this name when we moved from Everett to Malden in the mid-80s. It was a big change then, a new...

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