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What if you could have joy in any and every circumstance? Do you find that hard to imagine? Or is it like imagining a purple elephant flying on tiny wings wearing a tutu? You can imagine it, but you’re pretty sure it’s not real. And yet there are people out...

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Generous: A Life Worth Giving

“How God’s grace inspires and empowers us to build a community of diverse generosity.” I’m sure you, like me, have at some point stripped a dandelion naked with a puff of your breath, watching its robe of seeds scatter to the wind. And what happened? Days later scores more dandelions...

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The Cross

The cross is the best known least understood symbol in the world. We memorialize it with jewelry and tattoos, but our understanding of it is about as deep as a soup bowl. For the first followers of Jesus, the cross was an embarrassment that led to mockery and misunderstanding. Just...

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Rooted: Grow Deep. Live Tall.

I was mugged. Not just me. There were a few of us. My oldest brother and a couple of his friends were “letting” me play basketball with them at P.S. 67 (they number the public schools in New York City). I was maybe ten years old and winter was over,...

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Are you drifting through life? You know the feeling…you look back at the last year, or maybe five years, and you wonder, “Am I living life or is life living me?” Or maybe you’re the polar opposite of that: you’re driven. You are consumed with that goal you are chasing...

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The Gift

Can a Gift Change Your Life? I still remember Christmas morning 1983. It was early, of course, and my siblings and I rushed downstairs to the living room to see what “Santa” had left us in our stockings. I froze in the middle of the staircase because sitting in front...

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Happy: Are You?

We chase happiness the way a dog chases his tail, and end up just as frustrated. Jesus had some surprising things to say about what it means to be happy, and who should truly be happy. Join us on Sunday mornings in April and May as we explore what Jesus...

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Spiritual Gifts

It’s amazing to me that God would choose to do it this way, but He chose to reach this world with the good news about Jesus by shaping believers into the “body” of Christ. This way, whenever people encounter the Church, and of particular concern to me, our church, they...

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