Partnering with students to help them live the life God created them for.

Get Dirty: October 12-26th

From the beginning, serving has involved getting dirty. God Himself got His hands dirty when He created man. Jesus got His hands dirty cleansing lepers and healing the sick. If we want to get involved in the life of Jesus, it means we expect to Get Dirty. It may be dangerous and will for sure be fun. It is impossible to serve from a safe distance. Let’s roll up our sleeves, dive into the lives of those who need Jesus and wash some dirty feet!

Rent-A-Youth: October 27th & November 3rd

The Paradigm wants to help the members of Freedom Hill by helping with any work that you need done. Our youth group is here to help you with moving, landscaping, and babysitting. The cost is $10 dollars an hour for each youth member that is on the job. All the proceeds go directly to Speed the Light. For more information click the photo to the right.




C o l o s s i a n s   3 : 1 – 4