Partnering with students to help them live the life God created them for.


Paradigm: Friday Nights at 7:00 p.m.

All students from 7th-12th grade are welcome to join us for our Friday night service and our special events. Our typical Friday night is filled with playing games, hearing to Word of God, and gathering together in small groups. We believe that there is power in gathering together to worship and pray and especially with a group of teenagers! We hope to see you there.

Plot Twist: May 17th – May 31st

We all have a storyline for how we think our lives are supposed to go. Maybe for you that story includes straight A’s, a perfect family, or lots of friends. Maybe it’s athletic stardom and college scholarships. Maybe for you it’s just finding someone to date before graduation. No matter what it looks like, we have a script for how we think high school should play out. And that’s great until things don’t work out like we had hoped. Until there’s a change of plans, a let down, a failure or a disappointment. Moments like that are frustrating and can leave us feeling like our whole story is ruined. The Apostle Paul’s life-story was full of twists and turns like these. Moments where no one knew what would happen or if it would ever be okay again. But through Paul’s response, we discover that our most disappointing moments don’t have to be the end. In fact, they may just be the plot twist that makes our story even better. 

Junior High Camp July 1-5 / Senior High Camp July 8-12

Early Bird May 19th: $270
Regular Registration June 9th: $290
Late Registration June 23rd: $320

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Grad Banquet: June 22nd @ 7:00 p.m.

We are so proud of our graduating seniors and we cannot wait to celebrate all that they have accomplished! Make sure to mark your calendars for this special event and keep your eyes out for ticket sales. If you are a parent of a high school senior please make sure to fill out this information to include them in our celebration!









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