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Even though we’re not together today, we can still worship God in solidarity. Here are some things you can do (whether you’re home alone, or with family or roommates) to worship God during the blizzard, and stay in touch with our series about being the Body of Christ.

1. Read through 1 Corinthians 13, and focus especially on verses 4-7. (Here’s a link to read it.)

2. Think about Jesus’ life and the things you know He did. In what ways did Jesus exemplify the attributes you read about in this passage? Try to remember some specific stories of His interactions with people.

3. Talk about a time when you exemplified one of these attributes of love?

4. Which one of these attributes of love do you most need to improve in? What is one way you can begin to improve this week?

5. Pray and ask God for help love the way He loves.

6. End your worship by singing along with the song below, and/or by reading a Psalm about God’s love (e.g. Psalm 136).

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