Partnering with students to help them live the life God created them for.


Paradigm: Friday Nights at 7:00 p.m.

All students from 7th-12th grade are welcome to join us for our Friday night service and our special events. Our typical Friday night is filled with playing games, hearing to Word of God, and gathering together in small groups. We believe that there is power in gathering together to worship and pray and especially with a group of teenagers! We hope to see you there.

New Series: September 20th-October 25th

I don’t know about you but I’ve been thinking about goals lately, and not #squadgoals or #travelgoals but I’m talking about BIG goals. And whether they realize it or not, teenagers have goals too. Goals to make an A+, goals to make the team, even goals not to fight with their sibling for the next hour. In this series we’re going to be talking about goals we can have in our faith. We’ll be learning from a guy named Paul, who is #ChristianLeaderGoals. We’ll be focusing on a letter he wrote to the Galatians that helped them, and us, understand some goals in their faith. This isn’t just a list of rules or a list of things we need to do to be right with God. Its essentially the opposite- The goals of our faith aren’t about following rules, they’re about living in freedom!

See You At The Pole: 09/25/2019

SYATP, the global day of student prayer, is simply a prayer rally. It’s a day where students meet at the school flagpole before school to lift up their friends, families, teachers, school, and nation to God. SYATP is a student-initiated, student-organized, and student-led event. This is an amazing opportunity to prepare for the school year ahead! Talk to a youth leaders today about how you can proceed with SYATP at your school.




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