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Courageous: Keeping Your Faith in a World That Tries to Devour It

Have you ever tried to eat lunch at a beach overrun by seagulls? It’s almost impossible. Those bold scavengers will snatch your food right out of your hand if you’re not careful. It’s always funny to watch those who are in the know protecting their food while others are oblivious, laying out their lunch, only to be shocked when the greedy birds swoop in and steal it. 

Holding on to faith is like trying to eat at the beach. We live in a world filled with faith-eaters. Ravenous ideas and circumstances that swoop in to steal our faith right out of our hands. How can you and I hold onto faith in a world that is trying to devour it? 

Holding on to faith has never been easy. There have been times in history when it was just as hard, or even harder, than it is today; times when the figurative “birds” I’m talking about were actual lions. There’s a lot we can learn from those who’ve been there, and done it. 

That’s what we’re going to do for the next several weeks. We’re going to walk through the book of Daniel and learn from some people whose faith suffered greater tests than most of us will ever go through. They held onto their faith, by God’s grace. And so can we. 

Maybe your workplace makes faith difficult. Or it could be your professor. It could be your circumstances, or things you’ve had to suffer through. They’re all flying around your head, dive-bombing your faith. They want to devour it. The good news is that you and I can resist them and stand strong, holding onto our faith, and thriving, no matter what our circumstances.

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