Valentine’s Marriage Celebration

Event details

  • Saturday | February 10, 2018
  • 7:00 PM
  • Fellowship Hall 77 Kennedy Drive Malden, MA 02148

Did someone say barista? The award winning Espresso Dave’s catering service will be your guide to a delicious night! So if you love your spouse, and you love coffee or tea, and you love delectable desserts, then you won’t want to miss this year’s Valentine’s Marriage Celebration. This is a great event for inviting people to church!

Cost: $18 per couple
Sign up in the lobby

Enjoy a variety of specialty, espresso-based drinks, both regular and decaffeinated, hot, cold, frozen or iced. And they can all be enhanced with various flavor injections.

SIGNATURE CAPPUCCINO – Espresso topped with a cap of thick, frothed milk

LATTÉ – Espresso with gently steamed milk

MOCHACCINO – Espresso with a shot of rich chocolate topped with a cap of thick, frothed milk

GOURMET ESPRESSO – Rich, intense, dark roast with a smooth body

CHAI TEA LATTÉ – Spiced green tea with gently steamed milk