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Foundations: Who We Are

Everyone understands how important it is to build foundations, but very few understand how important it is to maintain their foundations. For the beginning of the year we’re going to be talking about our foundations, who we are as a church and as God’s people. 

We’re going to walk down into the basement of our church and examine our foundations. Are there places where our “house” has become detached from its foundations? Are there cracks? Have we been propping up some areas with cheaper foundation materials? (All this applies to our individual lives as well as to our church.)

The first corner of our foundation is God’s Word. Our lives should be shaped by God’s Word, and God’s Word must not be twisted to fit our lives. We need to get beyond reading the Bible as words on pages and begin to experience it as God’s Living and Active Word for us.

The second corner is Prayer. Prayer is how we align ourselves with God. It is not how we get God to do what we want; it’s how we learn to want what God wants and work for it with Him. 

The third corner is Generosity. In a world that lives on credit, we believe in living beneath our means so that we can be generous beyond our limits. When we choose to share with others, and be generous as God is generous, He achieves amazing things with our generosity. (Think about the boy with the five loaves and two fish.)

The fourth corner is Community. We believe that contributing is better than consuming. So when we gather at the church, we believe that each person should come with something to contribute—serving and helping where God has gifted and enabled them. 

I can’t wait to see what we’ll build on these foundations in 2019!