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Are you drifting through life? You know the feeling…you look back at the last year, or maybe five years, and you wonder, “Am I living life or is life living me?”

Or maybe you’re the polar opposite of that: you’re driven. You are consumed with that goal you are chasing and nothing is going to get in your way.

To be transparent, I know what it is to drift and I know what it is to be driven. And I know that in both cases I ended up feeling like a slave. A slave to the urgent things of life blowing me around, or a slave to that goal I just had to achieve.

What would it be like if instead you could drive?

I believe God gave us the gift of life, and the capacity to aim our lives in a direction and drive. I believe it’s our responsibility, something God holds us accountable for. So, instead of praying, “Jesus take the wheel” in 2017, I’m praying, “Jesus, you’ve given me this life, and the responsibility to drive it toward you. Teach me to drive. Help me to grow stronger, so that the winds that blow all around me don’t knock me off this heavenward road. Give me strength to leave behind all the extra weight that holds me back and keeps me from you.”

We’re starting the year off with a series called “Heavenward.” I hope it will help you stop drifting or┬ábeing driven, and instead start to drive your life toward Jesus. I know He’ll give you everything you need, whether you’re just starting out on this lifelong journey, or you’ve been on the heavenward road for a long time.

Listen to the series audio here.