The Cooper’s | Sunday, October 13, 2018

Jonathan, Bonnie and Bethany Cooper are serving as Africa Media Coordinators from the country of South Africa.  They are passionate about providing digital media resources for African churches as an evangelistic tool to redeem their nations. Being strategic with our outreach efforts we are using this unique opportunity to focus on using media – radio, television, and the internet – as an evangelistic tool to reach the 680 million lost in Africa.

With the move to South Africa, the Coopers have been approved to form a media team to help cover the variety of needs within the national churches on the continent. By using social media, live streams, radio or television programs, this missionary team will help bring the church outside it’s four walls.

In March 2019, we celebrated 22 years in missions.  We are grateful to God for his continued call on our lives to serve him in an overseas capacity.  Our mission career has allowed us to live in 4 different countries: Belgium, Spain, Malawi, and Kenya.

Our three and a half years in Kenya were rewarding but challenging.  Our ministry efforts saw a shift in focus but provided a solid base for growing new skills and positioning us for the next season of ministry in South Africa.

Living in Africa has not been easy, but our family has relied on God’s grace.

Watching Bethany grow from age 5 to 9 has been a big blessing.  She has such a soft and sensitive spirit.  God definitely has used her to show his compassion to others.  We are currently in the challenge of figuring out homeschool.  International schools in South Africa are expensive, so this is our alternative.

Bonnie has graduated in May 2019 with a bachelor’s in Business Management – Non-Profit. She is now focused on schooling with Bethany and managing our family and mission schedules.

Jonathan graduated in May 2019 with a Master’s in Digital Storytelling.  He is currently pursing opportunities for a Doctorate program. He is also taking a personal initiative to learn more about leadership and how to lead a team God’s way.