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Living the Life

Just for fun I googled, “How to live your best life.” Can you guess how many results Google spit out? Almost EIGHT BILLION! From best selling books to famous bloggers…it would take me a lifetime to go through every result! No doubt this is something we all want to know more about. 

But what if the way we’re going about living our “best” life is all wrong? What if your best life doesn’t come as a result of some sequence of behaviors and habits you perform? Why are there so many “secrets” to your best life all over the internet and television (I guess they’re not really “secrets”)? What if there are no secret keys to your best life? 

How can you “live the life”? Whether you’ve turned to self-help books, religion, philosophy, science, or your own common sense to help you figure it out, I’d like to invite you to step back and listen to the Gospel afresh. Because the Gospel has something to say about living the life we’ve all been given, and I think it could set you free. 

Join us on Sundays at 10:30 a.m., or check back here to listen to the sermon audio.