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Love Song

What is the greatest love song of all time? Can you really pick just one? There are so many great love songs that get our blood pumping and our bodies swaying. But only one song stands above them all.

Well, it’s not really a song, per se. At least not the way we think of songs today. It’s a collection of poems all masterfully joined together to paint a picture of love and sex in all its God-given glory. Yep, that’s right. God created love and sex. He wrote the book, make that the song, on it!

For the month of February we’re going to explore the Song of Songs. It’s a small book of the Bible. You’ll find it in the Old Testament, sandwiched between Ecclesiastes and Isaiah. And it will make you blush…it would make Barry White blush.

This song will be our launching point to talk about:

How to be attractive and what to be attracted to
How to pursue a spouse
How to fight fair
How to enjoy godly sex
How to turn loving feelings into actions

If you’re single and plan to stay that way, you won’t be left out! The truths we discover over these five weeks still have value for you. They will help you develop godly friendships and help you in all your relationships.

So invite some friends and let’s check out the greatest love song ever!

Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

Check back here to listen to each week’s message.