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The Light

Light is a curious thing. It’s electromagnetic radiation. It can somehow be both wave and particle at the same time. I’m not a physicist, so I don’t really understand such things. I do understand that light is what makes things visible. 

I can remember my older brother telling me he was going to punch my lights out…an affectionate way of saying he was going to kill me. No lights, no life. But when the lights are on, there is life and activity, sensing and observing, grasping and understanding. 

We need light, don’t we? And by that I mean we need sensing and understanding. Because there is so much to life that we don’t understand, so much we just can’t see…just can’t know. 

For instance, who is God? What is God like? Is God real? How can I know? If God is real—God who created us and the universe—then knowing God has got to be the answer that unlocks all the other questions of life. 

Christmas is the season of lights: on trees, in windows, on our lawns and roofs, in stores…everywhere! But none of it penetrates into our hearts, our souls. And sometimes all these artificial lights keep us from recognizing the real light: the one that is shining a spotlight on who God is. 

Of all the lights you’ll encounter this season, the most important one, the one that will change your life, is the one that entered the world, shining in the darkness, bringing life to everyone, and revealing God for all the world to see. 

You’re invited: come encounter THE LIGHT with us.