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Why You NEED To Be Part of a LifeGroup!

I love our Sunday gatherings, all the different people together in one place worshipping God, learning, laughing, celebrating, praying…it’s great. But I’m painfully aware that when it comes to real change large Sunday gatherings can’t cut it. 

People need a place to connect, talk, and ask questions; that can’t happen in large gatherings. Lasting life change doesn’t happen in rows. It happens in circles. 

Sundays are when we plant seeds. Small groups are where we water those seeds with conversation and shared experiences. After all, the church isn’t supposed to be about one person talking and everyone else listening. It’s supposed to be about each one bringing their gifts and the things God is teaching them and sharing that with each other. That would be chaos on a Sunday morning, but it works perfectly in a small group where we get to know one another. 

You can’t “know” everyone in the church, but you can know a few people really well. And that is where small groups really shine! Here’s the thing, if you’re not in a small group, then you could be missing out on the full Christian life. Over 50 of the commands in the New Testament are focused on how we treat “one another. “ That means you can’t live this new life unless you’re in a smaller community where you can obey commands like, “build one another up, be devoted to one another, serve one another, be patient with one another…” 

We’re committed to being a church of contributors, not consumers. And small groups is one of the main ways we contribute to building authentic Christian community here at Freedom Hill!

Right now we’re filling groups for the spring. Follow this link to learn more about our spring LifeGroups.