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August 8, 2021

Parents, just follow the instructions and have a great time with your kids worshipping God and learning from His Word together!

Lesson: Goodness

First watch this lesson video:

After the video

Explore together

Here are discussion questions and an activity to help you talk about the lesson with your family.

  1. What difficult choice did Daniel have to make?

2. Thankfully we don’t have a king telling us we can’t pray, but we do have difficult choices to make sometimes. Can you think of some examples of when we would have to choose between doing good or doing wrong?

3. When we stay connected and close to God, goodness will grow in us. How do you think the Holy Spirit grows goodness in us? (He helps us to love others — this helps us choose what will be helpful and not hurtful; He reminds us of God’s ways; He’ll show us when we’re wrong. He will help us make good choices.)

Goodness Reminders… Here’s an idea to help you remember the fruit of goodness during the week.

  • – On the outside of an empty tissue box, write this week’s memory verse: “A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart.” Luke 6:45

  • – Then on slips of paper, have family members write down at least three ways God has been good to your family.

  • – Next, on similar slips of paper, have family members write down at least three ways we can be good to others.

  • – Put all the slips of paper in the box. Keep your ‘goodness box’ in a place you can see it during the week.

  • – Pull out a strip of paper at each meal time as a reminder of God’s goodness and how you can share God’s goodness with others.

Seek God together

Build a prayer together using the P.R.A.Y. method. Assign the following parts to family members to pray aloud. Encourage them to add their own words if they feel like it.

P   –   (PRAISE)

Oh Lord, You are good. When we need help, you are always there. You always do what is right and fair. You take good care of us. We trust You and we praise You!

R   –   (REPENT)

Lord, we confess that we are not always good like You. Forgive us for the times we have forgotten about You. Forgive us when we have been selfish instead of thinking about the good of others. Thank you for taking all of our rotten fruit and cleaning us up! Thank you for loving us! We love You, God.

A   –   (ASK)

Heavenly Father, as Your children we want to be like You. Please grow the fruit of goodness in each of us and help us bring Your goodness to everyone around us.

Y   –   (YIELD)

God, when it is hard to do what is good and right, we want to yield to You. Please help us. When it is hard to show goodness to others, we want to yield to You. Please fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Help us to follow You. You are our King. In Your Name, King Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Celebrate together

Express your praise together by singing this song that celebrates God’s goodness.
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