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August 29, 2021

Parents, just follow the instructions and have a great time with your kids worshipping God and learning from His Word together!

Lesson: Self-Control

First watch this lesson video:

After the video

Explore together

Here’s how to talk about the lesson with your family.

First, choose one of the following activities:

  • – For younger children, gather some legos or blocks and build a fort together. 
  • – For older kids, find pictures of ancient city walls online and show them.

Then, as you build your fort or look at the pictures, ask and discuss the following:

1. Can anyone remember what the Proverbs 25:28 memory verse said? (“A person without self-control is like a city whose walls are broken down.”)

2. How might a person without self-control be in danger like a city whose walls are broken down?

3. Why does God understand how hard self-control can be? (Because Jesus experienced everything that we do – including temptation – but He never sinned.)

4. What are some things Jesus faced in his life that show how He had self-control?

5. Sometimes controlling ourselves feels like a battle. What does it feel like when God helps you grow self-control? (Like you’ve won! Jesus wants to help us win!)

Seek God together

Build a prayer together using the P.R.A.Y. method. Assign the following parts to family members to pray aloud. Encourage them to add their own words if they feel like it. There is something special to do before the “Ask” part.

P   –   (PRAISE)

Oh Lord, You are all-powerful and You are totally in control! Thank you that You understand how we struggle with self-control because You were tempted just like we are, Lord Jesus. We thank you that your perfect self-control made it possible for You to die on the cross and save us! Thank You Lord Jesus for your awesome power and love!

R   –   (REPENT)

Lord, we confess that we have a lot of trouble controlling ourselves sometimes. Forgive us for the times we have lost control and hurt others by our actions and our words. Forgive us when we don’t listen to our parents, and when we do whatever we want. We don’t want to be like cities without walls. Please forgive us, oh Lord. 

Parents, before this next part, have your kids think of something they are struggling with. Have them picture it in their minds on the end of a fishing pole like a big shark. 

A   –   (ASK)

Heavenly Father, we need Your help! Controlling ourselves sometimes feels like we have a shark at the end of a fishing pole. We cannot manage it without Your help. So we cry out to You. Please come and help us oh God!  When we are tempted to lose control, please remind us that you are right there with us to give us your power. Please strengthen us and grow the fruit of self-control in each of us. 

Y   –   (YIELD)

Dear God, we give ourselves to You. That is the first step in letting the Holy Spirit grow beautiful things in our lives like self-control. As we give ourselves to You, please strengthen and grow us. We love You God! Help us put You first in all we do. In the Name of our Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Celebrate together

There are so many great songs about God’s power! Here’s one to sing together:
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