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December 5, 2021

Parents, follow the instructions and have a great time with your kids worshipping God and learning from His Word together.

Lesson: Advent Week 2 – God Has A Plan

First watch this lesson video:

After the video

Explore together

Talk about the lesson from Luke 1:5-25 with your family…

You can print this coloring page for your family to work on while you talk. (Thank you, Ms. Kelly for the WONDERful logo design!)

  • 1. What was the angel’s message to Zechariah? (Not to be afraid. He and Elizabeth were going to have a baby. They were to name the baby John.) 
  • 2. How did Zechariah respond to the angel’s message? (He didn’t believe it. He didn’t understand how they could have a son because he and his wife were old.) 
  • 3. The Bible doesn’t tell us about Elizabeth’s reaction to the news. But how do you imagine she felt when she found out? What do you think she might have said?
  • 4. What was God’s plan for their son John as a grown-up? (John was going to help the people return to God, preparing the people for Jesus.) 
  • 5. What happened to Zechariah when he said they baby’s name is “John”? (He was able to speak again. He praised God.) 

Seek God together

Elizabeth and Zechariah trusted God even when they didn’t understand what was happening. Ask you kids: Is it easy or hard for you to trust God when things aren’t going the way you want them to?

Then encourage your family by explaining that in our times of wondering, we can remember that God has a plan – just like He had a plan for Zechariah and Elizabeth. We might not know how things will turn out, but we can know that God loves us and is with us. He sent Jesus to die for us and rise again so we can be with God always and forever. 

Ask if any family members have something they would like to pray about. Then end with this prayer together.

Dear God, You are amazing and wonderful. You have a plan for our lives. Please help us to love and trust You like Zechariah and Elizabeth did. We bring to you all the things we mentioned that we need help with. You are our Rescuer, and we trust You. Please Help us to be full of wonder at how You work in our lives and in the world. And help us share your love with everyone around us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Celebrate together

Sing the words of the Marvelous Memory Verse Challenge not just to practice it, but to celebrate the Good News of Jesus!

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