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March 20, 2022

Parents, follow the instructions and have a great time with your kids worshipping God and learning from His Word together.

Sailing the Sixty-Six: A Heart God Can Shape

First watch this lesson video:

Explore together

Here are some questions to help you talk about the lesson with your kids.

1. When David had a chance to hurt Saul, why did he choose not to? (Because he knew that taking revenge on King Saul would be wrong and David trusted God.)

2. Why did David get angry at Nabal? (Nabal was rude and refused to help David and his men even though David and his men helped protect Nabal’s sheep.)

3. What did God do to stop David from hurting Nabal? (God sent courageous and smart Abigail to show David he was about to make a huge mistake.)

4. What does this story show us about David’s heart? (David was teachable. He listened to God. He had a heart that God could shape.)

5. Can you remember a time when God helped you to do the right thing? Did He use someone to get your attention like He used Abigail to get David’s attention? Did God ever speak to you through something you read in the Bible or heard at church? Share what happened.

Seek God together

Ask your family: How’s your heart? Is it teachable? Is God able to get your attention?  

Then explain: God loves us and wants to help us. But sometimes we don’t want to listen.

One way to train our hearts to listen to God is to… listen to God! We can spend time with Him and read the Bible and talk with Him. And sometimes it’s good to just be quiet before God. It allows us to put our minds on Him and listen to what the Holy Spirit wants to say our hearts. 

Take a few minutes with your family and be quiet before God together. You can explain it like this: 

“We’re going to be quiet for a few moments. While we are quiet, think about God. Ask God in your heart, “God, how do you want to shape me?” Maybe He will remind you of something He wants to help you change or something He wants you to do. Or maybe He wants to remind you of how much He loves you. Let’s be quiet.”

After a few moments, close in prayer by giving family members different parts to P.R.A.Y. 

Praise: Oh God, thank you that You love us so much. Thank you for sending us reminders when we start to stray from You. Thank you for correcting us when we are going the wrong way.

Repent: Forgive us when we don’t listen to you. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for dying on the cross so we can have forgiveness.

Ask: Because You rose again, your power helps us every day. Please help us to have hearts that you can shape.

Yield: Lord, we give ourselves to You. Show us Your ways. Teach us to follow You. Amen.

End by reciting the memory verse together:

“Lord, show me your ways. Teach me how to follow you.” Psalm 25:4

Celebrate together

This song video has some great scenes of the desert to remind us not only of David hiding from Saul in the desert wilderness, but also of the Israelites when God guided them through the desert after leaving Egypt. It’s a song that celebrates God’s faithfulness to guide us. (The kids singing in this video are dressed up pretending to be the Israelites. )

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