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April 10, 2022

Parents, follow the instructions and have a great time with your kids worshipping God and learning from His Word together.

Palm Sunday: Breaking News… To Share!

First watch this lesson video:

Explore together

Here are questions to help you talk about the lesson with your kids.

And while you talk, you can color the memory verse page by printing this sheet:

John 3:16 Coloring Page

1. What city did Jesus enter riding on a donkey? 

a. Bethlehem   b. Jerusalem    c. Nazareth    (ANSWER: b)

2. Why did Jesus come into the city on a donkey?

a. Kings would ride on donkeys when they came in peace.

b. The Old Testament said the Messiah would come gentle, and riding on a donkey.

c. Both a and b. (ANSWER: c)

3. What did the people wave in the air and throw on the ground to honor Jesus?

a. Palm branches  b. their coats   c. Both a and b.     (ANSWER: c)

4. The people were shouting “Hosanna!” This was a way of saying:

“Hooray! our ____________ has come to save us!”  (ANSWER: Rescuer)

5. The crowds didn’t understand God’s bigger plan that Jesus had come to Jerusalem to

a. die on the cross   b. save us from our sins   c. be king of the whole world   d. All three! a, b, & c.  (ANSWER: d)

Seek God together

Unlike the people shouting “Hosanna” on that first Palm Sunday, we DO understand that Jesus came to die on the cross for us. We DO know that He rose from the dead and is our forever Shepherd King. So how much more should we praise Him? Much more!

Start your time of prayer by saying together: “Hooray! Jesus our Rescuer came to save us!”

Then have someone close with this prayer:

“Hosanna! Jesus, You are our Rescuer! Thank you for dying for us and rising again. You saved us from sin and brought us back into Your family. Help us to follow You always. And show us how to share this good news with others.”

Celebrate together

Here’s a song with the words of our memory verse — John 3:16. As you sing it, try to do the hand motions from the lesson video. Celebrate God’s love as you sing.

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