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May 15, 2022

Parents, follow the instructions and have a great time with your kids worshipping God and learning from His Word together.

Sailing the Sixty-Six: The Lord is the Only God

First watch this lesson video:

Explore together

Here are questions and activities to help you talk about the lesson with your kids.

Start with a little contest to see who can answer these questions the quickest:

1. What was the name of the most evil king? (Ahab)

2. What was the name of his wife? (Jezebel)

3. Who was the prophet who bravely confronted Ahab? (Elijah)

4. When Elijah hid in the wilderness, how did God get food to him? (He sent ravens with food.)

5. Elijah told king Ahab to gather all the Israelites and the prophets of the fake gods at a mountain called Carmel. Elijah set up a contest between the fake gods and the real God. What would happen to show the real God? (The real God would light the sacrifice on fire from heaven.)

6. How long did the prophets of Baal pray for an answer? (All day until evening.)

7. What did Elijah do to his altar to make God’s power even more clear? (He drenched the altar with water 3 times till it was all soaking wet.)

8. What did all the people do after seeing God answer Elijah’s prayer? (They bowed down and shouted: The Lord He is God!)

Talk about ways we can show we believe that God is the only God. (Examples: Loving and obeying Him, showing His love to others, praying…)

Seek God together

Like the people who fell down in worship when they recognized that the Lord is the one and only God, kneel down together before the Lord. As you are kneeling, take a few moments to be quiet and think about how awesome God is.

Next, take turns saying sentence prayers of worship to God by completing this sentence: “God you are so _____________________ and I love You.” (You’re not limited to this sentence. Encourage everyone to express their worship in their own words.)

Close your time by reciting the memory verse together:

Know and believe today that the Lord is God. He is God in the heaven above and on the earth below. 

– Deuteronomy 4:29 (NCV)

Celebrate together

Sing about our one true God.

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