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May 10, 2020

Build-A-Prayer Workshop #4

Parents, this lesson is simple to use. Just follow the instructions and have a great time with your kids at home worshipping God and learning from His Word together!

Lesson: Ask For What We All Need

Supplies Needed: Paper, colored pencils or crayons

Bible Passage: Luke 11:1-13


First watch this lesson video:

[fullscreenvideo videourl=”″ autoplay=”0″ fullwidth=”yes”]


Discussion & Activities

Here are some questions and activities to help guide you in conversation with your child about the lesson. Let your interactions with your child help you determine what parts to use. Use this as a time to talk, learn, pray and worship together.


1. Talk about the Bible Story

Here are some questions to ask your kids to see how they understood the lesson:

  • 1. What did you think of the grumpy friend in the first Bible story? Is God like a grumpy neighbor? (No!) What kind of friend is God like?
  • 2. In the parable about the parent and child, were you surprised that the parent gave a stone, a snake and a scorpion? Why were you surprised?
  • 3. Would I ever give you something dangerous? Why not? (Because I love you!) How much do I love you? (Use this opportunity to tell your kids how much you love them!) Did you know that God loves you EVEN more than that? He loves us so much we can’t even measure it. And He wants us to come to Him with our needs.
  • 5. What did Jesus mean when He said to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Practice the memory verse together:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Luke 11:9


2. Do a craft together

Make a five-finger prayer reminder! The five-finger prayer is a way to help us remember who to pray for.

Have everyone trace their hand on a piece of paper. Inside each finger, write the category of people you can pray for:

  • – Our thumbs are closest to us so pray for FAMILY & FRIENDS.
  • – Our pointer finger reminds us to pray for those who point us in the right direction – TEACHERS & PASTORS.
  • – Our tallest finger in the middle reminds us to pray for LEADERS.
  • – Our weakest finger is the ring finger, reminding us to pray for THE SICK & TROUBLED.
  • – Last but not least, the pinky reminds you to pray for YOURSELF.

While you draw and write, talk about examples of those who fall into these categories and what you can pray for them about.

When you talk about the pinky finger and praying for your own needs, talk about examples of things we can pray for like…

  • – guidance in making decisions,
  • – help in doing the right thing,
  • – changing our attitudes when they’re wrong,
  • – getting closer to God.


3. Pray together

Pray the Lord’s Prayer together. When you get to “Give us this day our daily bread,” pause and do one of the suggestions below the prayer. (You can use these different ideas for family prayer times during the week too.)

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory now and forever.

  • A. Use the five-finger prayer and take turns praying for a different group of people. If you use this prayer reminder during the week, pray for a different category each day.
  • B. Pray for each other! Take turns praying for the things you know your family members need. You can hold hands as you pray, or have the person being prayed for stand in the middle while the rest of the family gathers around them. (And make sure to say a special prayer for moms and grandmas today on Mother’s Day!)
  • C. Take turns praying for the needs in our world right now – people who are sick with Covid-19, medical staff who are helping them, leaders and those making decisions.

This week, help your child commit the Lord’s Prayer to memory if they haven’t already.


4. Sing together

Singing is like putting your prayer to music! Here are three great songs to sing in together. Sing them throughout the week as you gather for family prayer, when you’re praying on your own, or whenever you want!

The first one is a song of praise. The next two are songs about prayer.

[fullscreenvideo videourl=”” autoplay=”0″ fullwidth=”yes”]

[fullscreenvideo videourl=”” autoplay=”0″ fullwidth=”yes”]

[fullscreenvideo videourl=”” autoplay=”0″ fullwidth=”yes”]

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