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August 2, 2020

Parents, this lesson is simple to use. Just follow the instructions and have a great time with your kids at home worshipping God and learning from His Word together!

Lesson: Strong And Gentle

First watch this lesson video.

Discussion & Activities

Here are ideas to help you talk, learn, pray and worship together. You can even save some parts to use during the week.

1. Talk about the lesson

Questions to discuss:

  1. What did you learn about gentleness from today’s lesson that you didn’t know before? 
  2. How is Jesus the greatest example of gentleness?
  3. God wants to grow gentleness in our lives. What are some things in our home and family that require gentleness? Make a list of these things and post them on the refrigerator as a reminder during the week. (Examples: Playing carefully with a smaller sibling, washing dishes, how we speak to each other…) 

Role Playing Activity: (This activity can be spread out and extended into the week.)

Below are three scenarios involving a lack of gentleness. Have family members act out each scene in two ways. One way should be as it is written (without gentleness); then re-enact the situation, but with a gentle solution or ending. 

  • 1. Justin and Allan were tossing a football to each other in the yard when Tyler came up and took the ball from them. Justin and Allan ran after Tyler, grabbed the ball out of his hands and pushed him to the ground.
  • 2. Sally and Anna are sisters. One day they were hanging out in their room listening to music. Sally wanted to listen to a new album and so she changed the music without saying anything to Anna. Anna started screaming and yelling at Sally and calling her names.
  • 3. For the end of the year party, the class was going to have pizza. Everyone was looking so excited. When the pizza arrived, five students ran up to the table, pushing and shoving, and filled their plates to overflowing. As a result, not all the other kids got to have pizza because there wasn’t enough.

2. Pray Together

Begin this time of prayer by telling your kids:

“Picture a horse that’s just been tamed. The owner loves that horse and wants what is best for him. The horse approaches the owner and lowers it’s head, allowing the owner to gently lead it. Let’s imagine ourselves like that horse as we come to God. Let’s bow our heads before Him and give ourselves to Him.”

Pause for a moment in silence. 

Then pray this blessing over your family:

“Our great, powerful God is gentle and He loves us so much. May we trust Him and give ourselves to Him so He can lead us. May the fruit of gentleness grow in us for the praise and glory of God.

3. Sing Together

When we give our lives to God we can trust Him to lead us. Oh the things He’ll teach us and the places we’ll go! God is good.

Here’s the Fruit of the Spirit song!

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