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Fall 2023 LifeGroups

September 10, 2023 - September 30, 2023


Foxholes: Where Jesus Teaches Us to Pray

Some say there are no atheists in foxholes. In other words: when people reach the end of their ropes, they tend to reach for something beyond themselves — they pray. Even when they don’t know who or what they’re praying to, or even when it’s a, “God if you’re out there” kind of prayer, they pray. It’s like a reflex. 

As you’ve been fighting your way through life, has your praying been a reflex at the end of
your rope? 

Jesus taught us that prayer can be so much more. Prayer was never Jesus’ last resort; it was his constant lifeline. He taught this way of prayer to his disciples in the trenches of life, as they struggled through confusion, rejection and opposition. That’s where they learned the depth and power of prayer as a way of life.

It’s our turn to dive in together and learn prayer in the foxhole with Jesus. 

Each week’s sermon will wrestle with a different question about prayer. Then we’ll dive deeper into each week’s question in our LifeGroups. If you want to get the most out of this series on prayer, join a LifeGroup today!

Here are the questions: 

  • Are You Praying to the Right God? 
  • What Makes Prayer So Difficult?
  • What Should We Pray For? 
  • What’s the Best Thing About Prayer?
  • How Can Prayer Keep You From Failing?



Kelly Zecchino
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