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This Is Us

There are a lot of “us’s” in your life. Family, marriage, work, school, neighborhood…they’re all an “us.” Every “us” has needs to satisfy, debts to forgive, and temptations to avoid. And every “us” needs the right center. These messages focus on the center of marriage, what to do with the daily needs of parenting, navigating the temptation in dating, and what to do when an “us” in your life doesn’t live up to all you dreamed it would be.


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To the Ends of the Earth

What will you give up to reach someone for Jesus?


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Who Is Jesus?

Exploring Colossians 1:15-20. One of the early songs of the church explains why Jesus should be first in our lives.


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Crossroads: Choosing Wisely

Life is full of crossroads where our choices will determine our future. What will you lean on to help you make the right choice? How will you even know you’re at a crossroads? We need more than information, facts, or the anecdotal advice of a few people. We need wisdom, deep wisdom. The great news is that wisdom is available to us!

For these six messages we’ll be talking about the path wisdom chooses at the crossroads of friendships, work, money, suffering, and more.


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Living the Life

When you chase after life you come up empty, but when you chase after Christ you’ll end up full.


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Courageous: The Book of Daniel

How can we hold onto faith in a world that is trying to devour it? This walk through the book of Daniel will show us how to remain faithful to God when everyone and everything around us is tearing at that faith.


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It’s time to walk down into the “basement” of our lives and our church to check our foundations: God’s Word, Prayer, Generosity and Community.


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The Light

Of all the lights you’ll encounter this season, the most important one, the one that will change your life, is the one that entered the world, shining in the darkness, bringing life to everyone, and revealing God for all the world to see.


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The Plan

From the beginning of creation, reaching into eternity to come, God has a plan, and He invites us to join Him in bringing it about.